“Creativity is contagious, pass it on!”Albert Einstein

About me:

I am a painter, designer and practising architect. I went to Architecture school in Bucharest, New Haven and sunny Madrid.

My name is R_Contessa. No, it’s not, but I chose it as a wordplay based on Contessa (Lady), R (my initial) and the french verb “raconter” (to tell stories). Hence “Racontessa”, the story telling lady R. Real name: Raluca Buzdugan (PhD. Architecture), a Design Principal with VSA Architects.

I am a minimalist, an old fashioned modernist trying to capture the essence of all things and emotions and reveal them in not too many words, brush strokes or shapes. In my work I am distilling my thoughts and ideas until all superfluous details are gone and I am able to build an image that will convey the very essence of my subject, being it a color, an emotion or a shape. I think of myself as a Renaissance artist, constantly experimenting with different techniques and art mediums.

My inspiration comes from the little and the big events in my daily life, from exploring new mediums and technologies and from other artists. The world at large informs my art and my art is my way of making sense of the world. As artists, I believe we need to talk about beauty and nature and about the current events and politics that shape our lives.

I have an inquiring mind and a passionate heart. I am on a quest to learn, to help and to teach how to make this world better. I like developing and working on concepts that tell stories and inspire others to bring Beauty into their lives.

Alien – Lighting fixture design – Upcycle and save the planet

NGO-s I support through royalties.

I think there are many wonderful people out there, striving to make our planet a better place for everyone. They run on passion, but they also need money. I will donate 2.5% of all payments to them.

Ocean Conservancy https://oceanconservancy.org/

Blue marine Foundation https://www.bluemarinefoundation.com

Botanic Gardens Conservation International https://www.bgci.org/

Women deliver https://womendeliver.org/

Minds Foundation: https://www.mindsfoundation.org/

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