“Creativity is contagious, pass it on!”Albert Einstein

About me:

I am a painter, designer and practising architect (PhD Architecture, Master of Urbanism). I went to school in Bucharest, New Haven and sunny Madrid.

My name is R_Contessa. No, it’s not, but I chose it as a wordplay based on Contessa (Lady), R (my initial) and the french verb “raconter” (to tell stories). Hence “Racontessa”, the story telling lady R 🙂

I am a minimalist, an old fashioned modernist trying to capture the essence of all things and emotions and reveal them in not too many words, brush strokes or shapes. I have an inquiring mind and a passionate heart. I am on a quest to learn, to help and to teach how to make this world better. I like developing and working on concepts that tell stories and inspire others to bring Beauty into their lives.

I think of myself as a Renaissance artist, constantly experimenting with different techniques and art mediums.

Alien – Lighting fixture design – Upcycle and save the planet

NGO-s I support through royalties.

I think there are many wonderful people out there, striving to make our planet a better place for everyone. They run on passion, but they also need money. I will donate 2.5% of all payments to them.

Ocean Conservancy https://oceanconservancy.org/

Blue marine Foundation https://www.bluemarinefoundation.com

Botanic Gardens Conservation International https://www.bgci.org/

Women deliver https://womendeliver.org/

Minds Foundation: https://www.mindsfoundation.org/

Get in Touch

Contact me if you want to collect or commision an artwork.