Tiger Ladies

Think about those ladies in your life constantly fighting for you! They are the Tiger ladies!

All royalties from this project will be donated to https://womendeliver.org

My tiger lady is my mother. What about yours? Your sister? Your friend? Imagine gifting one Tiger Lady NFT to them, to honor and payback for all their battles.

In these portraits, the tiger ladies do not smile, as they are always worried about something. Nevertheless, the real life tiger ladies will award you the brightest, happiest smile when you say “Thank you, I appreciate your efforts!”

Tiger ladies are fast and smart, passionate lovers, brilliant professionals, caring friends. They love to fight for a good cause and they are fierce guardians of their loved ones. Effortless elegant and truly unforgettable. Girl next door meets Queen of the Jungle.

“Tiger ladies” is a collection of 10,000 AI generated unique images, based on illustration by R-Contessa, a designer and a tiger lady herself.

The first 100 buyers will get free access to a web based community gallery and a free marketing service for their NFT collections.

Preasale of the first Tiger ladies will start on December 15th on Open sea for 0.001 ETH and public minting will be available in 2022, on January 15th for 0.02 ETH.

More details coming up on December 1st here.

Should you wish to reserve a place on the presale list, please contact us.